We headed north

On a road trip to the Agaway Bay campground at Lake Superior and although we knew this place was going
to be beautiful, we didn’t realize how much of a mark it would leave on us as camping travelers…

We left Toronto 24 hours ago with a stop in Sault Ste. Marie. The park was the most north we had been in Ontario and although the Agaway Bay
campground was at capacity, the vast beach made it feel desolate and quiet.

Bathtub Island

The next day we drove to Katherine Cove along Lake Superior to go swimming. As we walked past parked
cars by the side of the road, we followed a path through the woods that led to Bathtub Island;
it was a hidden paradisewith beautiful beaches as sun bathers settled in for the day.

lake superior bathtub

Awausee trail



 We arrived early in the morning to see the Agawa Bay century-old pictographs. It was a short,
rugged walk to the lookout. The calm weather allowed easy access to step onto the cliffs to get a closer look.

lake superior picto

Pinguisibi Trail


 Old Woman Bay

In the northern end of the park we took in the captivating, beautiful views of Old Woman Bay.

Wawa, ON

We continued driving to the town of Wawa to see the famous goose. On the outskirts of town, we traveled a bumpy road to Scenic Falls.


After a week of serenity, it was time for the long drive home. Lake Superior will forever have a place in our hearts.