Located half an hour north east of Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Esker Lakes Provincial Park was an escape surrounded by beautiful forests.

Lonesome Bog Trail

After a hearty breakfast we went on a hike on the Lonesome Bog Trail. This walk was surrounded by beautiful boreal forests.

Panagapka Lake


After packing up we continued the journey towards Timmins. An hour out of the park the roads are quiet and the northern shield continues to expose itself. Before heading into the city we took a quick detour and stopped for a swim at Kettle Lakes. The park is deep into the woods almost 5KM off the main road. Never the less it was worth the drive for a quick swim in Island Lake.

ontario watershed
kettle lakes provincial park
island lake, kettle lakes
kettle lakes


Visiting the northern brewery after a torrential downpour on a summer day. We restocked for the rest of the camping trip and picked up a souvenir pint glass.

compass brewery
compass brewing beer
compass brewing
Compass Brewing